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At Prose, We let our Clients do the Talking...


"Prose reporters are reliable and professional.  We are extremely satisfied with their work!  I highly recommend them."​

Denise J. Bleau, Esquire

"You guys are fantastic.  We will not use anyone else." 

Glenn S. Cameron, Esquire

"At Prose, they always put the client first.  They understand what we need and they get it done, plain and simple." 

Orlando Gonzalez, Esquire

"I have been using Prose Court Reporting for a long time now.  Their service is simply outstanding in every way.  Scheduling is easy, ordering is easy, the court reporters are always on time (even when we call at the last minute) and I've had nothing but excellent experiences with them.  I highly recommend using Prose for all of your court reporting needs."

Nancy K. Brodzki, Esquire, B.C.S.

Board Certified in Marital & Family Law

"On behalf of Kitroser & Associates, thank you to Prose Court Reporting Agency, LLC (“Prose”) for your professionalism, reliability and timely services.  The staff at Prose is courteous, experienced and provides top notch customer service.   Our firm has grown to rely on Prose and we cannot thank the entire staff at Prose enough!"

Susie Garcia, Paralegal 

Kitroser & Associates

"We have been working with Toni, Diane and the team at Prose Court Reporting since 2010.  The Team at Prose works closely with us on all of our cases and they make sure we have everything that we need, when we need it."

Stuart N. Kaplan, Esquire, Managing Partner of Kaplan & Parker, LLP



"I have worked with many reporters over the years; Prose Reporters are highly skilled, professional, and a pleasure to work with."

Rod Coleman, Esquire

Coleman & Associates, P.A.

"I have been working with Prose for about a year now.  Their on-line office is so easy to use for all of my scheduling needs and their service is always top-notch!"

Elaine G. Hill, Paralegal

"Thank you so much for all your help.  You really went above and beyond; it is very much appreciated."

Alison K. Morriss, Esquire

Cordell & Cordell

"It is hard to believe it has been over five years since Toni first contacted me about using Prose Court Reporting.  As we have a relationship with a local court reporter that we have used for many years, I was reluctant to entertain using anyone else. Boy was I wrong!  Prose Court Reporting has been such an asset to our firm, Wright, Ponsoldt and Lozeau Trial Attorneys, LLP; however, they have been an even greater asset to me personally.

"Whether I am scheduling with Prose via email, fax, or on-line, it is so convenient and easy.  If I need reporting services in other states, I simply call Prose and Toni and/or Diane get it done for me.  In the past, I would look on the internet and cross my fingers in the hope that I was going to be calling a good reporter that had nice facilities.  It is no longer a worry for me.

"My transcripts are available in whatever format I require whether it is a rush or regular delivery, they have absolutely never let me down.​

"I now rely heavily on Prose Court Reporting.  I value their service as well as the friendship I have developed with Toni and Daniel."

Laura O. Hardy, Paralegal

Wright, Ponsoldt & Lozeau, LLP

"Dear Toni:

It is such a pleasure to work with you and your entire staff at Prose.  The on-line scheduling is so simple because the Notice of Deposition can be provided from the computer.  It does not have to be scanned or have to be signed.  When we attach it, we do not have to fill in all the blanks on the scheduler, you do it for us!!! E-Mail acknowledgements are received with the deposition/hearing is scheduled which confirms 'I think I did it' plus phone service confirmation the day before, keeps us on top.  You are prompt in sending complimentary E-Transcripts and hand delivering transcripts.

"We have used othet court reporting companies and have been lost in the large corporate world.  We prefer small businesses because of the person-to-person contact, friendly voices and the enthusiasm of your office to prosper and grow.  As this world continues to depend on electronics, there is nothing more important than a friendly voice and a trusted company.

"We enjoy and look forward to our continued business relationship throughout the coming years."

Barbara J. Lebel, Kristen Hannan, Brandy MacKenzie, Legal Assistants for the Firm

Dicker, Krivok & Stoloff, P.A.

"Not only does Prose provide all of the bells and whistles such as video teleconferencing across the nation, but Prose's customer service is second to none.  When we call on Prose, we know that they will get the job done and it will be done right."

Cynthia Simpson-Cannon, Esquire

Simpson-Cannon Law Firm, P.A.



"Dear Melissa and Toni,

I am so grateful to you all!  You have come through in helping us arrange many depositions across the country.  You are consistently courteous and reliable.  An “A+” for coming through in an emergency with only a couple of hours notice.  You saved the day!!"

Lisa Rosano, Esquire

Phillip Paul Weidner & Associates 

"Excellent service all the way around from start to finish.  The service and personal attention is extraordinary."

Victoria Calebrese, Esquire

Victoria Calebrese, P.A.

"I can't say enough about Prose and your fine service. The swiftness and responsiveness with which you folks responded to my call at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday to handle an emergency, and anticipated to be difficult, nationwide conference call transcription first thing on Wednesday morning was amazing, indeed.  Toni's 'coolness' and professionalism in following up under difficult circumstances to set it up was wonderful. As I have said before, my arbitration practice is nationwide and I will always recommend Prose to anyone needing court reporter services in South Florida (where I spend most of my time), or for that matter, nationwide.  You folks are fabulous."

Bob Wax, Arbitrator and Mediator

Charter Resolution LLC

"Please tell Toni I couldn't be happier with the product and your professionalism."

Kristian Kraszewski, Esquire

Gilman Law LLP

"Thank you so much for all the professional work you do for our firm.  Your on-line office is a tremendous help to both myself and my staff from scheduling to locating our transcripts, exhibits and invoices.  We never have to worry if our reporter will be there!  Your staff is so friendly and the customer service you provide is unparalleled.  It is a real time-saver to be able to get our subpoenas served, interpreter scheduled and video set up all through Prose!

"With Prose as part of our team, our business has been able to grow much faster than I thought it would have.  We are able to concentrate more on our business instead of having to worry about yours.  As for the years to come, I know we will both be successful as we grow together."

Ralph E. King, III, Esquire

King, Nieves & Zacks, PLLC

"At Prose, every client is treated as their only client.  They are reliable and great to work with.  Their on-line repository means I can access my transcripts, exhibits, notices and invoices anywhere I have internet.  I highly recommend Prose Court Reporting & Legal Video Services."

Troy W. Klein, Esquire

Law Offices of Troy W. Klein



"No matter what we need, Prose is always there for us.  Unlike some of the national agencies, we can get a hold of someone at any time, day or night."

Johnny B. Neal, III Paralegal

Law Offices of Bryan K. Boysaw & Associates

"I have been a practicing attorney for nearly 25 years and have used many court reporting agencies over the years.  Prose is the best.  They have the modern technology with a personal touch.  The reporters are professional and dependable.  Their records are accurate and produced in a very timely fashion.  I highly recommend Prose."

Mark R. Hanson, Esquire

Tomberg, Hanson & Halper, LLC

"Prose is a top flight reporting firm for complex cases and handles them by special request all over the country.  You will not get a faster nor more professional production team either, and I've done the rounds all over the country over the years."

Gary Roberts, Esquire

Gary Roberts & Associates

"Dear Everyone at Prose!

"I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, professional service and just overall terrific attitude.  I do and will continue to recommend you to everyone.  This week, you saved us a disaster - by finding us a court reporter at the very last minute!  And in Orlando no less.  Thank you again!"

Susan B. Ramsey, Esquire

Gary Roberts & Associates

"Prose Court Reporting & Legal Video Services has always been very reliable and efficient for our firm.  Scheduling even the most complex deposition is as easy as a phone call to Prose.  Their service during and after the deposition is second to none.  We at Vastola & Kirwan strongly recommend Prose to any lawyer tired of the administrative nonsense that often comes along with large court reporting companies."

Jeff D. Vastola, Esquire

Vastola Legal

"We have used Prose Court Reporting Agency exclusively since 2010 and have never been disappointed with their services.  Prose court reporters and videographers are always ready to proceed well in advance of the scheduled deposition, trial or hearing.  Their work is meticulously accurate and final products are returned timely.  They are also very accommodating for rush projects.  Their on-line scheduling system is easy and convenient to use and they always contact you the day before your scheduled to confirm.  Their staff, reporters and videographers are extremely personable and they truly go above and beyond to accommodate our needs.  Their rates are competitive and their professionalism unmatched.  We hold Prose Court Reporting Agency in the highest regard and highly recommend their services."

Stacey Tibbs,   Cameron & Marroney, PLLC

Assistant to Glenn S. Cameron, Esq.